Webinar Programme

version 27.1.2021

Moderator for the days: Mr. Miika Kekki
Monday, 19 April

Schedule in Central European Time (CET)​


  9.45           Connecting to webinar platform and technical installations

10.00           Official opening of the webinar & welcoming words by General Director Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Finnish National Agency for                              Education and Director of education, Esa Kohtamäki, City of Pori

10.15           Why cooperation with parents matters, Executive director Ulla Siimes, Finnish Parents League (Vanhempainliitto)

10.30           The Finnish model for the well-being of children and young people, Director Henni Axelin, Division for Youth Work and Youth                         Policy, Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland

10.45            Workshop (5 groups): Getting to know each other and a short exercise 

11.15            Short break  

11.30            Keynote 1: "Voimaperheet" - Power families in the context of early childhood education and care"

                     Mr Andre Sourander, Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Turku, Finland



12.10            Lunch break

13.30           Workshops on different themes. Participants can choose one workshop of their interest to participate in

The art of deploying validated interventions at schools: validation, implementation, and measuring effectiveness, CEO Itla Children´s Foundation & Professor, University of Vaasa

Your turn, Mothers!   &   Parents to school!  projects, Minna Perokorpi-Sulin, Maija Tanneraho and Laura Aurola, Careeria

Video of the Your turn, Mothers! project

14.45           Tools for parental involvement and support, European Toolkit for Schools, Aristea Politi, European Commission 

15.00           Short break

15.15           Keynote 2: "Menthal health literacy from early childhood education and care to higher education and teacher training"

                    Ms Yifeng Wei, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry Dpt, Dalhousie University, Canada



16.00           End of the first day


Tuesday, 20 April

9.15           Connecting to webinar platform and instructions for the second day

9.30 Destination 1 video: 

Visiting the schools of Tuulikello and Itätuuli (basic education; grades 1-9)

10 .00 Destination 2 video:  

Visiting the school (basic education; grades 1-9) and the kindergarten (children 0-6 years) at the Kaarisilta  district.

10.30 Destination 3 video: 

Visiting the Otava community house and Satanuoret (peer support programme for parents of children in the national child welfare system)  

11:00 - 12.15  Lunch break

12.15             Group discussions based on the study visit observations and participants' own national perceptions 

12.45             Keynote 3: "Parental involvement in compulsory schools in Iceland"

                      Kristín Jónsdóttir, Assistant professor, University of Iceland (tbc) 


13.30             Introduction to the Erasmus+ programme, Jón Svanur Jóhannsson, Erasmus+ SE Senior Adviser, Icelandic Erasmus+ National                        Agency

                                 Erasmus+ project example from Iceland on inclusion

                                 Networking and planning future cooperation 

14.15             Short break


14.30             Keynote 4: "Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy"

                      Ms Pirjo Tuovila, DDP-therapist, Master of Social Sciences and Licentiate of Arts (Psychology)

14.50             Wrapping up the results of the two-day webinar

15.00             End of the webinar and instructions for follow-up

The programme may be subject to change without prior notice.